Hand Painted KitchenMost kitchens these days are made of mdf (medium density fibre board.) Hand painting gives the mdf a sense of solidity.  The subtle texture of brush strokes renders mdf almost indistinguishable from solid timber.  Even mdf cabinetry stands out as beautiful furniture when painted well.

Once your kitchen or other cabinetry is installed and complete I come and paint your cabinets in situ.  That way I can fill holes and gaps and fully integrate the cabinetry.  The first coat is an acrylic primer/sealer/undercoat.  Then I apply three coats of enamel topcoat in the colour of your choice.  It usually takes about 5 days to paint a medium size kitchen in a solid colour.

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If you prefer, I also offer special finishes and glazes. Antiquing, veiled colour, French provincial, distressing, etc…  Just contact me and we can discuss your preferences.

Elizabeth Hickey

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