Paint has a transformative power.  Painting, or changing the colour of a piece of furniture creates something totally different and can change the whole feel of a room.

Paint finishes like distressing (making it look old and battered) or incorporating a Scandinavian folk-look on furniture are ways of turning a piece of furniture into a real feature.  This also works well for childrens’ furniture; painting a checkerboard on a small table,   their favourite storybook characters on a toy chest,  or a chalkboard on their wardrobe door.  It makes a piece of furniture unique and personal.

Many people see this as a fun DIY project.  It is!  Remember, though, achieving the best result requires dedication to the prep work: the cleaning and sanding and priming.  Do a bit of research, have a bit of patience and you’ll find it a really satisfying process.  However, if you don’t want to do it yourself,  I’m here.


Elizabeth Hickey

Phone 0415 735 258  or  Contact me here.



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