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December 15, 2013

Hello again,

I wish everyone happiness, love and gratitude this holiday season.  Don’t let the stress and busy-ness get to you.  Make sure you enjoy yourself!

So I was thinking about texture the other day and how important it is to me.  I once went to the friend of a friend’s beachhouse for a weekend.  I’m sure it was a lovely house in a beautiful setting, but the only thing that I remember is that the interior walls were clad in wood, rough, unsanded wood, like fence palings.  It was horrible to touch and I couldn’t believe someone would choose to put this on walls where bare skin might come into contact with it.  Shiver me splinters!

Textures can add a lot to a room.  For instance, one can utilize a really limited palate by using interesting textures.  Like this: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/86623992806060261/

The white tiles work as a perfect background for the display of textures: glass jars and the woven baskets, and the random bits of colour.  It is restrained and attractive.

Or how about this one: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/490048003174618304/   Also using a background of white, this room contrasts the coldness of the metal and the starkness of the bright white with the warm, natural wood of the boxes and the floor.  The wood softens the sterility of the other elements in the room.  The fruit, herbs and flowers add colour. This kitchen becomes an interesting room because of the contrast of texture, use of colour and balance.

A kitchen is a perfect place to create an atmosphere using what’s around you, as seen in the first picture with the jars of dried foods.   Open shelves give the perfect space to fill it with beautiful things that mean something to you.  Tea towels, fruit, plants, bowls handed down from one’s grandmother… all of these can be pleasing to the eye and add a lot to a room that is already the heart of the home. Especially if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen!

Happy holidays.



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hello world


Ok, this is my first blog.  As a luddite, it has taken awhile for me to enter the 21st century, but here I am.

I was thinking today about what makes an interesting room.  I am not an interior designer so there may be specific and well-known criteria for interior design- I don’t know, but I think that one has to allow for subjectivity and personal taste.  My partner likes things modern and sleek with glass and steel and crisp edges, I don’t.  To me that kind of aesthetic makes me feel like I might hurt myself.  Everyone is different, and thank goodness for that!  Given what I do, I don’t encounter a lot of ultra modern homes in my work.   People who hire me tend towards a more traditional, rustic or classic look.   So, thinking back to all of the homes I have been in throughout my painting career, the kitchens that stand out have had a very personal touch and have reflected the people who live there.  Even when using restrained pallets they have employed colour well, many of them have been eclectic and have used texture and rhythm.

As a visual person, I like to look at pictures.  A lot of ideas come from seeing how other people have put together rooms.  There is an American Interior design website that someone brought to my attention about a month ago:


This has loads of photos of beautiful rooms and plenty of ideas for every kind of taste.


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