Hand painted furniture and cabinetry  

Specialising in French Provincial kitchens in Melbourne

Whether you chose a solid colour or a special, antique or French provincial finish, a hand painted kitchen has a soft and classic look.

Aged Finish


Whether it is a one off piece of furniture or the creation of your dream kitchen, hand painting is a great option.  The French provincial look is very popular nowadays and hand painting gives this finish the detail and texture that really creates that rustic feel.


The subtle brush strokes of hand painting add a richness that spray painting or two-pac cannot achieve.  The finish is durable, washable and ages well.  It is easily retouched and affords the versatility of changing the colour years down the line.  Hand painting especially suits classic or traditional style furniture and cabinetry



Please consult me about colours, finishes or bespoke painted furniture.


Elizabeth Hickey
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